fleurissement-1 (9)

fleurissement-1 (9)

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    Fire MU’s team baeaer!Grrbt game, MU is improving, quit crying about the Morris twins Tiger Fan…I think I would be more worried about that barber for the MU hoops team giving those guys haircuts on the bus ride into Lawrence. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

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  9. bravo Michele; davvero un ottima proposta (a proposito sei bravissimo a disegnare… ho visto qualcosa sul tuo sito); sarebbe davvero una bella iniziativa sopratutto con il coinvolgimento delle scuole perchè si sa che l’educazione ambientale e non deve cominciare dai più piccoli che saranno i grandi di domani   0 Mi piace

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  11. The problem is primary education and the issue of money.The whole administration is dirty and IMO,Mu Kaa is the one and only reason for corrupting them and using them for hiw own benefit.

  12. gosh. blogger needs to work out an easier way of communication… but yes, i definitely recommend that book to you. i've got a feeling you'll love it. :) & as for this whole 90s revival, i just feel lost! i'm not used to people dressing like me & knowing who the hell bratmobile are! but hey, that's one of the downfalls of fashion i guess. xo

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  34. Where I grew up in Germany, Mother’s Day was similar to the US. There also was a Father’s Day observed on Ascension Day, where the guys would get together, hang out and do guy things all day, away from family.Comparing those days, my mom always said the women got the raw end of the deal… again.

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  41. Actually, this issue is nothing now that this whole passport thing popped up. I swear, Obama got the luck of the Irish. God must want this man to win cause even when he effs up, it turns into gold.

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  45. Quaid hit an actor on the back of the head four times during performancesIn all fairness to Mr. Quaid, they were just actors. It’s not like they weren’t asking for it. 

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  51. Is this the Milgram study, or a different study? Because I know there was at least one « shock an actor/victim » study where a third of the participants eventually refused to continue, which gave me a teensy shred of hope for humanity.

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