La mairie de Lerrain

Au centre du village

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  2. Oh, man.Oh, man.It’s only twenty past ten, but if I hear that one more time, someone’s meeting with a suspicious accident. Already the most annoying thing in the world, and the girl creeps me the flip out.Horrid, ghastly nonsense.

  3. I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.

  4. Amer!!! <3 <3 <3 Super swerte ng friend mo, and because you were willing to go to lengths to make things happen for her, the universe also went to lengths to make it happen. I love this blog post! Friends like you rock, Prof. Light and love! =D

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  7. I am so sorry!! I love my spring trips to your place and am saving up some plant purchases for your reopening. Some plants are just better from Hastings and I love your choices. Hope it can happen soon for both of us.

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  11. March is flying by me so quickly I can’t hardly believe it. At least I didn’t miss St. Patty’s Day, maybe I’ll even make a corned beef! Love the addition of pepitas to your caesar. I have a anchovy paste in my fridge I have just been too afraid to use it!

  12. The ability to think like that is always a joy to behold

  13. Det är sant att Jockiboi blev misshandlad, jag var på samma fest som honom och vi skulle åka till samma ställe och då hände det. Det var några invandrare som slog ner honom.

  14. Here's what they ought to do: Expel the thugs AND make it illegal for them to be on the street during school hours. In other words, they have to stay home. Indoors.

  15. LOL Shabazz, take that as a compliment. « I suspect that more than a few white folks found that story just as fishy as you did »Yup, he’s always on time, ready with some sort of white defense, as small as it is. It never fails.

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  20. M.R. I agree. Too many people treat marriage like its long term dating. And too many brothers want to be 'players'. Boys play, men build.

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  33. heureusement que ce blog est la pour parler de ces statuts de l’étranger (qu’ils viennent de Chine ou d’ailleurs…) et d’autres thémes tout aussi passionnant, c’est vraiment trés interessant.

  34. I so envy your fluency! I aspire to be able to read a proper book in German, as in, not a children's picture book of farm animals. I'm currently on the same level as my friend's 1-year old. Ente! Kuh! Unfortunately I am absurdly lazy and haven't cracked my 'teach yourself German' book since around Thanksgiving. I just watch How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory in Deutsch and hope for the best. So if you have any tips for those of us who want to learn but lack motivation please send them my way! h.

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  38. alhamdulillah…doakan yg terbaik buat Shila & Sharnaz, lepas ni harap korg berdua jaga batas2 ye…shila pun dah bertudung sekarg (manis sgt), so seiring dgn perubahan yg dibuat, batas dalam pergaulan itu pun perlu dijaga….dalam masa 2 tahun ni macam2 boleh berlaku..hadapilah dgn pemikiran yg matang…(ps: Sharnaz beruntung kau dapt kawin ngan perempuan secantik Shila..jaga elok2..bimbing dia hingga ke syurga..amin…)

  39. I battle this also. I got hubs a Wii for Father's Day b/c he was forever talking about wanting one. We maybe played it 3 times before Christmas. He surprised our family with a Just Dance game Christmas morning and the girls want to play it all the time now. I have limited them to only 2 times a week and only as a family. My goal is to maintain moderation :)

  40. I didn’t think about dropping the saturation. I’ll have to try that, and see what it looks like. I did try lowering the sun effect, and while the darker sky along the horizon popped the characters in the forground, it just wasn’t as pretty to look at. I really think the yellows help tie the whole thing together, especially foreground with background, and I wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice. So much for stubbornness . . . -_-;

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  83. Clot, it’s really not that crazy, he’s like the king of riverside park. He’s friendly with all types of people, kinda like the dude in Wash Sq Park (before it closed) (who I think bathed in the fountain occasionally) whowalked around shirtless and without shoes (just a grass skirt-type thing) who always seemed to be talking to white guys dressed in suits.

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